1. It has my initials and describes what I do here
    • Stands for Aishwarya Agarwal Reads, Reflects and Remixes
    • This is the place where I share what I’ve learned and reflected on. I remix those learnings with my own experience and publish it. I hope you benefit from it and/or share your experience so that I may learn from you too.
  2. It captures my core job i.e. Product Management
    • AARRR Pirate Metrics framework is an acronym for a set of five user-behavior metrics that product-led growth businesses should be tracking: acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue.
    • I live and breathe these metrics – it seemed appropriate that my website should reflect it too.
  3. It sounded cool enough.
    • If I were to ever make this a paid newsletter, I would be okay with sharing this URL
  4. It was available on substack and on twitter
  5. It was cheap!

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