Keeping a track of things you read

I love to read. I have way too many books, magazines, blogs, online courses and YouTube videos going on at the same time. I just store things in my head as I consume content. But of course the memory is fallible and I don’t know what nuggets of wisdom I’ve forgotten along the way – only because I didn’t record them somewhere. I recently stumbled upon an old journal and read a few thoughts I’d written down from Tractatus. I was quite amused. This made me want to figure out a better way of keeping track of things I read/listen/watch so that I can look back at what I’ve consumed over the years and hopefully be amused.

This week I found a good way to easily summarize and organize what you read online. I still don’t have a good solution for physical medium (maybe just take notes on your computer)

Here is what you can do to get setup

  • Install a reading app (Readwise), a browser that supports integration with the reading app (Command) and finally a place which will house all of your reading (Notion)
    • Readwise : use it to read books, articles, and a lot more. Connect it to notion and then set up automatic export
    • Command : use this browser for your iPhone. You should link this to both Readwise and Notion. As you browse content, add highlights and export to Readwise. Readwise will then automatically put them into Notion
    • Notion : Both Command and Readwise will create their own databases when you export. I would recommend that you only try to have one.

Here is the user journey for reading and organizing :

  1. Command –> Readwise –> Notion : Browse in Command. Highlight and export to Readwise.
  2. Readwise –> Notion : Read directly on Readwise.

Make sure auto export is set up or you can just manually export via Readwise dashboard on web.

If any of that sounds complicated, yes it was! It took me a little bit to wrap my head around all the integrations. So if you are struggling go watch the “Better Creating” channel on youtube and follow the links in the description to get set up.

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