Why you need an about me section

If you want to connect with people by putting yourself out there, I think having an authentic “About Me” on your Linkedin is one great way to do it.

I am an introvert and I don’t like talking about myself. I want to let my work speak do the talking. But this means that I lose out on the opportunity to meet some fantastic people because realistically no one has the time to see my work. I also don’t share my work publicly so there’s that problem too. (I’m working on getting better at this)

As I embark on this journey of sharing more of my work I wanted to share how I went about creating my “about me” section on LinkedIn

  1. First I read this article to get some ideas
  2. Then I jotted down the “Why”, “Who” and “What” of writing this “about me”
    • Why am I writing this
    • Who am I writing for
    • What do I want them to walk away with
  3. Then I made a list of things I’d like for people to know about me
    • Where I’m from
    • What I’m currently working on
    • What I’m passionate about
    • How I landed here
    • What I do or don’t love
    • What i’m good at and what im trying to get better at
    • Quirky stuff about me (e.g. i cry watching math videos because they are just so beautiful)
    • Other stuff : things i’m reading, movies/tv shows i watched recently, etc
  4. Then I started to organize the writing into the above themes
  5. Once i got all the things down I started to simplify.
  6. Once it’s good enough publish! Don’t dilly dally
  7. Keep updating once every few months

And that’s it. Good luck on putting yourself out there.

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